Posted by Brad @ 11:14 am on October 29th 2010

Speaking of Invisible Money…

More than a billion dollars appears to have been wasted on the Bush-era “invisible border fence” initiative, as the DHS is about to scrap the program and not re-up their contracts with Boeing et al to develop it.

You might not remember the invisible border fence, but it was a reaction to a renewed anti-immigrant zeitgeist in the wake of the McCain-Kennedy bill collapse. And like all that intelligence money we piss away on super secret quasi-scientific algorithms that can determine terrorists from their library cards or decode terror messages encoded into soup commercials, it’s a direct result of ginning up the political side of an issue so much that politicians become willing to approve just about anything for the sake of being able to cut an ad on the matter saying you were tough about it.

Or, as kos aptly noted,

“And so another Bush-era boondoggle bites the dust, as conservatives seek magic solutions to a serious and complex problem.”

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