Posted by Brad @ 10:00 am on October 29th 2010

Bob Barr Endorses Russ Fiengold

Not that the teeming masses are clamoring for Bob Barr news, but in serious liberty circles, the possibility of losing Feingold is fairly depressing.

What I look for in Washington are folks in the Senate and the House who put the Constitution first. Not the “R” or the “D”, not partisan politics but the Constitution. And what you have in Russ, and I have worked closely with him over a number of years to try to rein in the Patriot Act, to try to rein in the government surveillance and so forth this is a man who understands the Constitution, who supports and fights sometimes against his own party to defend the Constitution in the Congress of the United States in ways that are much more consistent and much more proactive than a lot of Republicans.

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