Posted by Brad @ 4:45 pm on October 26th 2010

All You Need to Know About the Obama Administration’s Approach to DADT and the Democrat’s Approach to the Gay Community

The White House is taking a meeting with leaders of the gay community on the subject of the legislative battle to repeal DADT. In an effort, presumably, to assuage concerns and to make sure the gays are onboard the Democrat train on voting day next week, the heads of a number of groups, including the Log Cabin Republicans, Human Rights Campaign, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, et al, are all invited to the White House! Yay!

However, if anybody brings up the appeal of the court ruling that has already struck down DADT, the meeting will be immediately terminated.

Presumably, this is because it is an active litigation with participants in the room, but if the main impediment to repealing DADT is now judicial, and the impediment is the White House, that seems, you know, germane. Not according the White House, whose cognitive dissonance on the matter is now complete.

Americablog vents.

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