Posted by Brad @ 12:01 pm on October 25th 2010

Meaninwhile, in Republican Third Party News

The combination of being a terrible candidate and Tom Tancredo running as an (surprisingly competitive) independent is causing Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado Dan Maes to poll at around 9.2% in that race.

That’s a problem, because if he fails to hit 10%, ballot access laws in that state – which, as is tradition, have been written by the major parties to screw any potential third parties from gaining voter attention – will relegate the GOP to third party status until 2014. Meaning, they’ll have lower fundraising caps, higher ballot access requirements, and won’t get a top line on any ballots, instead relegated to being down there at the bottom with libertarians, greens, constitution partyists, and other assorted crazies.


This sometimes-Libertarian voter plays the world’s smallest violin…

Of course, being one of two parties means never having to say “we’ll follow the same rules we demand of everyone else…”

Still, state GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams told the AP that things would be fine. “[H]e believes the state Legislature will change the law to avoid the embarrassment of treating Democrats differently than Republicans, especially with a presidential election.”

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