Posted by Brad @ 12:29 pm on October 22nd 2010

Quote of the Day

So, in 24 hours, I’ve gone pretty much 180 on my first pass assessment of the Juan Williams things. A second and third read, and his subsequent clarifications, make it pretty clear he wasn’t just talking about the very human reaction of letting prejudices seep in, but rather was defending, rationalizing, and even advocating those prejudices. So yeah, F him. I don’t know that NPR handled it particularly well, but I’m not shedding any tears of Williams. And, of course, we now get treated to another round of “people disassociating themselves from viewpoints they disagree with = censorship! What about the first amendment!” idiocy, which is always a treat.

But what is illuminating is the blowback here which strikes me, as it does Glenn Greenwald, as being less an attempt at defending thoughtfulness in public commentary and more an attempt to use this as another battlefield in the war to flat-out mainstream anti-muslim bigotry and cordon it off as an “acceptable” bigotry. To wit, Jason Linkins:

Yesterday, NPR cashiered correspondent Juan Williams for doing something that had hitherto never been considered an offense in media circles: defaming Muslims. Up until now, you could lose your job for saying intemperate things about Jews and about Christians and about Matt Drudge. You could even lose a job for failing to defame Muslims. But we seem to be in undiscovered country at the moment.[…]

Bonus points for bringing back up the idiotic anti-clothing-resembling-keffiyah crusading of a lot of the same people howling now.

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