Posted by Brad @ 12:44 pm on September 7th 2010

Gov. Strickland Commutes Kevin Keith’s Sentance

And stops his execution.

If you don’t know, this case has been one that a lot of people have been worked up over, considering it seems pretty likely that police flat-out fabricated a critical bit of evidence. But the reason I pass it on now is a bit of trivia, courtesy of the Liberty Papers, the veracity of which I can’t confirm.

Who is the only Governor to ever commute a death sentence in an election year, and win reelection?


Bonus point: the guy whose sentence he commuted was undoubtedly a prolific and exceedingly guilty serial killer.


  1. Ballsy and honorable decision by Governor Strickland. I would very much like to see Kaisch (who I’d almost certainly voter for in any case) offer a statement of support on the matter. Questions of guilt or innocence should not be fodder for partisanship.

    Comment by Rojas — 9/7/2010 @ 1:56 pm

  2. So far he’s declined to comment (bonus: confirmation of the trivia, or at least a primary source). He and Strickland both are pretty pro-death penalty guys, but I’d be surprised if Kasich wants to wade in at all besides maybe a very generalized statement with no clear position on this specific case (but a reiteration of his general support of the DP). This is one of those times where it’s easy to demagogue the generalities, but hard to do so on the specifics.

    And yeah, good on Strickland, who is well down on Kasich but still theoretically competitive. It’s the right thing, and my guess is he doesn’t wind up hurt by it because, for whoever out there is offended, there are just as many who, like most, were severely troubled by the case. I think it winds up a push, in terms of the electoral impact.

    Comment by Brad — 9/7/2010 @ 2:09 pm

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