Posted by Brad @ 12:17 pm on August 31st 2010

Poll Result of the Day

It’s an already semi-maligned poll, but if anything for being an outlier in favor of Republicans. Nevertheless, it might be worth mentioning that in the most recent Newsweek poll, 52% of Republicans believe it is definitely true or probably true that Obama “sympathizes with the goals of Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose Islamic law around the world”.

What’s weird to me is that this “issue” is entirely cultural. To my knowledge, the only people who would seriously argue this from a policy point of view (Victor David Hansen, say) have to find some pretty obscure actions to do it (say, a random state department missive on being nice to Egyptians, say, or some circuit court ruling somewhere saying that consideration of international law has a place in American jurisprudence). Otherwise, precisely nothing in Obama’s actual policy strikes me as anything but credibly anti-Jihadist. He’s as vicious as Bush in terms of not allowing civil liberties or the constitution to get in the way of torturing him some terror suspects. He’d doubled down in Af-Pak and extended indefinitely our stay in Iraq. He’s as cow-towing to Israel as any President. But 52% of Republicans don’t care. It seems true, to them, apparently, based entirely on an imagined cultural milieu surrounding Obama. Weird.

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