Posted by Brad @ 12:56 pm on August 30th 2010

Quote of the Day

This is pretty central to my worldview (and my #1 complaint against hardcore liberals), so obviously it’s Conor Friedersdorf expressing the thought here.

In the course of American history, if either liberals or conservatives disappeared entirely from the American scene, leaving the right or left to pursue their best ideas and most flawed excesses alike, this country would be in far worse shape than it is today.

And anyone who thinks that completely vanquishing “the other side” in American politics would produce good results for very long is naive at best.

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  1. Well…he may be correct, but there are many occasions on which either liberals or conservatives have “vanquished” their opponents so thoroughly as to render their prior ideology irrelevant and to redefine the center along lines previously thought radical. The New Deal was one such time; the left pretty mich got everything it wanted, and the right as it had existed prior to 1933 more or less ceased to exist as a political force. Modern America is the product of that liberal triumph.

    Comment by Rojas — 8/30/2010 @ 2:30 pm

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