Posted by Brad @ 2:27 pm on June 24th 2010

The End of Anti-Gay Culture Watch

Before the games start, an interesting thing to take note of in the ever-evolving (for good and ill) GOP.

I noted yesterday that Club for Growth has seen its stock rise the most in the Tea Party era, currently batting a thousand in contested primaries. Orgs like Family Research Council, on the other hand, are in disarray and barely evident.

Well, also this week, we hear tell that Grover Norquist is joining the advisory board for GOProud, the gay Republican group.

“GOProud is an important part of the conservative movement,” said Norquist. “I am proud to join GOProud’s Board of Advisors and to help in advancing their common-sense conservative agenda of limited government, lower taxes and individual liberty.”

GOProud, you’ll remember, was the group that got berated from the CPAC stage this year, and it was the Campaign for Liberty that stood up for them and got in people’s faces about it.

FRC, for their part, aren’t happy, leading to a catfight between the two groups.

Still, in the debate over what the Tea Party represents, add this as a further data point to “not social conservatism”.

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