Posted by Brad @ 12:57 pm on June 24th 2010

Thank the MLS For America’s World Cup

The Guardian has a good take on the US league, and its pivotal role not as a world class league in its own right, but as a springboard mid-step allowing American players a place to go, and to develop, between collegiate success and European club play.

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  1. All true, and part of the intent of the league’s founders.

    The main problem at the moment is that the league’s salary structure makes it more advantageous for mid-range American talents to play in leagues of similar quality, such as those of Greece and the Scandinavian countries. This hurts fan interest without enhancing player development; no US player has constructed a road to the EPL through, say, Portugal.

    With the near-ubiquity of soccer-specific stadia, and the additional push in public support from the World Cup, there’s every reason to hope that most teams will become profitable (a couple of them are now) and hence salaries will rise to the level at which most American players are able to stay home.

    Comment by Rojas — 6/24/2010 @ 1:44 pm

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