Posted by Rojas @ 6:40 pm on May 26th 2010

The last writhings of DADT

Army General George W. Casey:

I remain convinced that it is critically important to get a better understanding of where our Soldiers and Families are on this issue, and what the impacts on readiness and unit cohesion might be, so that I can provide informed military advice to the President and the Congress…. I also believe that repealing the law before the completion of the review will be seen by the men and women of the Army as a reversal of our commitment to hear their views before moving forward.

Nice trick. Exclude an entire category of people from the category of “Soldier” and their spouses and dependants from the category of “Families”. Then demand that said groups–now purged of the affected group–be polled as to their opinions on the purge.

And while you’re at it–show your “respect” for the persons remaining within the categories described by Capitalizing Both Words.

This policy can’t end soon enough.

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