Posted by Brad @ 8:16 pm on April 30th 2010

Ron Fournier: Still America’s Worst Political Journalist

David Weigel—and can I just add that his WaPo blog is turning into an excellent daily read—flags an excellent example of the intellectually vapid “both sides have extremists” equivalency journalism that is always so en vouge whenever the Republican party is coming off as extreme. The article is by Ron Fournier, the politics editor for the Associated Press who has made his career, and destroy the AP’s, by trying to bring a decidedly Fox News definition of “Fair and Balanced” – meaning balance facts by right-wing talking points – to the previously reliable wire service. Fournier’s article here is lead by a quote from Pat Buchanan, who assures us that both parties are held hostage by their extremists.

Bonus points:

f there’s a better example of how lazy these articles about the evils of “polarization” are, I’d like to see it. And how Fournier can do a “on-the-one-hand-on-the-other-hand” comparison while leaving out the fact that Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) and Sen. John McCain (R-Utah) — the latter of whom was his party’s presidential nominee two short years ago — both face primaries that could end their political careers … well, that’s really beyond me.

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  1. The Status Quo, bailouts, torture, the “Long War” is actually extremist. I have to laugh at the idea of the likes of Lindsey Graham or Joe Lieberman being “moderates.” These people are extremists. Of course, I think the partisan bases in both parties are extremists as well.

    If you have been reading Freedom Democrats I’ve been predicting the emergence of radical politics that will shake up the extremist status quo. People like Lieberman are held out as a “moderate” because he is not embroiled in partisan communitarian politics(meaning not embroiled in de-legitimatizing the other side) . Yet he represents the wet dream of the commissar police state.

    Radicalism, of course, means getting to the “root of the problem.” By definition it exists outside the status quo. All these pinhead beltway journalists who bemoan partisan, communitarian extremism will really have a conniption fit in the face of radical politics. The political left and the political right reject each other’s legitimacy. However, radical politics will reject the legitimacy of the whole system, the entire government, no matter who is in charge. Just wait until Fournier’s ominous political trend actually become ominous…

    Comment by ka1igu1a — 5/1/2010 @ 8:56 am

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