Posted by Liz @ 10:03 am on April 29th 2010

Oklahoma’s War on Choice

It is now law in Oklahoma that, with no exception for rape and incest victims, that an invasive ultrasound must be performed prior to receiving an abortion. In other words a woman who wants to undergo the procedure must now submit to  being penetrated by an ultrasound probe, whether she wants to or not and a doctor, or technician, must set up the monitor so that she sees it and then describe the heart, limbs and organs of the fetus to her. 

It is also now law in Oklahoma that a doctor may withhold information about the presence of birth defects. They don’t have to tell women if their baby is going to have a condition when it is born. 

The governor vetoed both measures, but they were overturned by the legislature.

Also working its way through the Oklahoma legislature, which we can probably assume will pass, are a measure that forces women to fill out a questionnaire about why she wants an abortion and another that restricts insurance coverage on abortions.

So, for the record, for a woman to undergo a legal medical procedure, she must, along with dealing with her own personal issues about the subject, have government required vaginal probes and guilt trips.  And an expectant mother in Oklahoma cannot depend upon her own doctor to tell her if her baby is going to be healthy because the government makes it legal for a doctor to lie to his/her patient.

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