Posted by Brad @ 10:24 am on March 18th 2010

Free State Project Hits 10,000

Their goal, when they began was 20k, so they’re halfway there. 800 have already moved and settled in. You can read their press release here.

When I wound up in New Hampshire for the Paul campaign, Free Staters were my liaisons on the ground, more so even than the campaign itself. I wound up becoming good friends with some of the organizers, spoke at the Liberty Forum that they put on, crashed on a few of their floors, and did a lot of drinking with them. And I have to say, they are the real deal. I had known about the Free State Project for years, but mingling with them, I got convincing that they’re about the best ambassadors for libertarianism I’d ever met. And they’re a particular breed, too—entrepreneurial, more interested in practice then theory, whip smart (and non crazy), and all in all very communal and congenial.

The FSP organization itself is pretty loose, but its membership is phenomenal, and frankly a hell of a lot of fun to be around. If you’ve ever even remotely considered joining, I would highly, highly suggest shooting them an email and taking a vacation down there to meet some of them. In particular, if you’re a liberty-loving curious, there are worse ways to spend a weekend then PorcFest.

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