Posted by Cameron @ 7:50 am on January 27th 2010

Movie Review!

This is a review of a movie that I had never heard of two hours ago. I watched it because it popped up as a suggestion on Netflix and was available to watch instantly. The movie is the 2002 direct to DVD release, Interstate 60, and it is one of the more unique movies that I’ve run across in recent memory. It reminds me most greatly of a book near to my childhood heart, The Phantom Tollbooth. The plot is pretty straight forward with well worn motivations but there is a moderately surprising philosophical component to the film which adds depth to the story. The moments of philosophy are wrapped in the more fun moments of the movie, occurring during the exhilarating Twilight-Zone-esque side journeys along the way.

I suspect fans of The Truman Show or Joe Versus the Volcano will find Interstate 60 quite enjoyable. I recommend that anyone who currently subscribes to Netflix give it a shot one night; it’s available to stream or rent.

On a side note, the end of the movie had a rather peculiar disclaimer in the area where they usually assure us that all characters are fictitious and that no puppies were tortured: “No computers or miniatures were used to create or enhance the destruction of any vehicles in this motion picture.”


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