Posted by Adam @ 10:58 am on January 26th 2010

Cruel and Unusual

It turns out that it is Constitutional to deny a prisoner the right to play Dungeons and Dragons in prison.

As this dates back to 2004, the prison authorities may have been wiser than they realised; edition war* executed with sharpened toothbrushes might have been bit scary.

Anyhow, Pathfinder is just a better game (although now sadly also outlawed in that prison as the authorities expanded their rules to ban all fantasy games of this sort).

*Given that the announcement in 2007 and the release in 2008 of 4th edition D&D was controversial within the nerding community.

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  1. A slashdotter provides some insight.

    Comment by Adam — 1/26/2010 @ 3:12 pm

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