Posted by Adam @ 7:04 pm on January 23rd 2010

McLaughlin Group speculation about Emanuel

All of the McLaughlin Group panel, including McLaughlin himself, agreed on this evening’s show that Rahm Emanuel won’t be Obama’s Chief of Staff by the end of the year. I found the unanimity interesting, if nothing else.

I have clearly been out of the loop on this; I know that the base hate him for his dealmaking and apparently he’s not that keen on staying forever anyhow, but one would have thought that less than two years for the Chief of Staff — 2006’s golden boy, no less — is a bit of a public admission that things are screwed.


  1. Hey, Harry Reid’ll be looking for a job, and he’s at least as qualified at unsuccessfully working with Congress to pass major legislation.

    Comment by Brad — 1/23/2010 @ 7:24 pm

  2. Rahm is a prick. And I thought 2006’s golden boy was Howard Dean. I wonder what happened to him?

    Yeah, the guys Obama surrounded himself with have screwed things up enormously.

    And Obama’s hands off approach allowed them.
    Hopefully he’s about to change that approach.

    Comment by thimbles — 1/24/2010 @ 11:29 pm

  3. Howard Dean was, in my opinion, very effective, but I don’t think that the establishment credited him with the success close to as much as they credited Schumer and Rahm for, amongst other reasons, candidate selection.

    Comment by Adam — 1/25/2010 @ 1:41 pm

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