Posted by Jerrod @ 10:48 pm on December 23rd 2009

Steve Largent, quarterback, politician, CEO

Since I can’t bring myself to post anything of my own, here is a post written by a good friend of mine (and well known to others on this site). No, it’s not by the pinecrika, although some consider him a waste, but from a man with much potential.

Steve Largent has always been my all-time favorite Seahawk. When we went to the practices at EWU, he was one of the only human-sized players running around in a crowd of giants. I think I still have a Nalley’s potato chip box with his picture and stats on it. Sad, but true. I think I even threw the Kenny Easley and Jim Zorn ones away, but couldn’t toss the #80.

I knew that he moved on into politics and had won a congressional seat out of Oklahoma, but I never paid any attention to Oklahoma politics beyond knowing that fact. I couldn’t tell you if he was in the house or senate.

This morning, I read this New York Times article about cellphones. I was surprised to learn that Mr. Largent has spent the last five and a half years as the CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, the main mobile phone lobby.

After reading that article, I looked around the internet, and realized that he had a pretty weird political career. He resigned from the house to run for governor of Oklahoma, but he lost by 7000 votes, presumably because his democratic opponent captured the crucial cock-fighting vote. The independent in the race ran an attack ad (that I cannot find anywhere online) that featured the collapse of the WTC, Largent cussing, Alan Jackson music, and the accusation (true) that Largent was hunting in Idaho, out of cell phone range on 9/11. Not a big deal, really, except Congress was in session, and Largent’s office released a statement from him about the attacks even though he didn’t know they had happened.

The irony that the head of the mobile phone lobby lost a gubernatorial race in part because he did not have cell-phone service is awesome.


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