Posted by Brad @ 9:00 am on December 23rd 2009

12 Days of Music Video of the Week

There’s a big dropoff between this one and the last three. 12-10 are sort of throwaways; now we’re into the good stuff.

9 . Robin Thicke When I Get You Alone

This was my Pandora song of the year—that one tune that you would never in a million years listen to otherwise but that pops up, you thumb up feeling a little dirty about it, but then each consecutive time it comes back up you get more and more into it. It’s an old song, but new to me, though sadly Robin cut his hair off and went in for the R&B balladeer thing.

Anyway, besides being a pop/disco track set to Beethoven’s 5th, I love the idea of a Justin Timberlake-esque tune done by a bike messenger.

(2008, 2007 (>:/))

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