Posted by Adam @ 8:53 pm on December 19th 2009

It was the coked-up floozy wot done it, guvnor

Tennis player Richard Gasquet tested positive for cocaine earlier in the year, which might have resulted in a two year ban. With tennis presumably reeling from finding out that Andre Agassi’s “that meth must have been put in my drink” excuse, that they had accepted, was a load of crap, Gasquet had to think hard for an explanation that could be taken seriously.

However, for some reason Gasquet didn’t bother with that and instead went with “I kissed a girl in a nightclub who had cocaine in/on her mouth”. That was back in July and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) bought it, somewhat, and only gave him a one year suspension; now the Court of Arbitration for sport (Cas) have decided that the ITF were a bunch of meanies and Gasquet’s ban should be overturned.


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