Posted by Brad @ 2:12 pm on December 1st 2009

I Don’t Care About the White House Party Crashers

Following in my line of things I’m blogging about that I have no earthly desire to blog about, The House Homeland Security Committee will get sloppy seconds to Matt Lauer and will be submitting the Tareq and Michaelle Salahi to questioning for getting into the White House without being invited (although, now that charges are being considered, the Salahi’s state that they were, in fact, invited all along).

As for me, I could not care less. The Salahi’s were presumably subjected to all the usual weapons/bombs/bio/nuclear/impurethoughts scans that all visitors are subjected to and, like any velvet rope endeavor, is subject to the same fallibility that will always occur when you have guards, staffers, and guests that appear to be far more wealthy and powerful than either ever have any hope of being. Somebody screwed up somewhere, and yeah yeah, the secret service can’t afford to be wrong once, but…well, they can afford to be wrong once.

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  1. This would be a worthwhile story if they had crashed the party in an experimental mylar coated weather balloon. Otherwise, not so much.

    Comment by Jack — 12/2/2009 @ 12:04 pm

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