Posted by Adam @ 3:01 pm on November 25th 2009

¡Hola Lou Dobbs!

As Brad recounts, Lou Dobs is courting Latinos. While Lou is not my favourite person what he’s saying now actually makes some sort of sense.

His problem, of course, is that what he’s been saying for the last few years doesn’t make any sense. Whilst pivoting on positions when you are considering a Presidential run has a long noble history — our very own President, Jesus Christ Barack Obama, used to support single-payer healthcare — it’ll be a neat trick if Dobbs can convince Latinos he’s actually on their side. Unlike some other immigrants who may want the door slammed shut behind them, such as my favourite gloom-monger Derb*, it seems that many Latinos, legal or otherwise, are happy for more of their countrymen to enter the US even before we consider the racial aspects that enter much of the anti-illegal immigration debate which impact them all, legal or not.

However, it’s a bold move. His appeal will be strongest in the South-West because that’s where large numbers of Latinos from Central and South America end up — so he can appeal to the people there that aren’t best pleased about it — but at the same time, that’s where large numbers of Latinos live and vote. He has to find a way to court some of them or he’ll lose (well, he’ll lose anyhow, but he’ll lose worse). I have no idea how you court them at the same time as courting people that like Joe Arpaio, however. It’ll be interesting to watch.

*I say that with affection. I love Derb.


  1. Wow. What a sack of shit. His suggestion that he is not at all changing his positions, and that his anti-immigrant image is solely a product of the far left is ludicrous. I don’t begrudge anyone a change of opinion, but at least have the fucking cojones to admit it is a change of position, you leprosy lying ass wipe. For anyone who swallows Dobbs’ current BS as somehow representing his actual opinion, I shall consider it my duty to remind them of the nonsense he has been pedaling the last couple of years.

    Comment by Jack — 11/25/2009 @ 9:47 pm

  2. itíll be a neat trick if Dobbs can convince Latinos heís actually on their side.

    It just might work too, if Latinos had literally nobody else to vote for. However, given the presence of pretty much any other single American soul on the ballot, I don’t care how slick he is (and he’s not known for being slick), it’s impossible for me to fathom a Latino voting for him, and frankly I don’t know why he’d even bother.

    Comment by Brad — 11/30/2009 @ 6:42 pm

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