Posted by Brad @ 3:14 pm on November 24th 2009

Threat of Biological Warfare Looms as New Zealand Stockpile is Stolen

Some kiwi potential terrorist has nicked over a million bees.

Thieves have rustled more than million bees from a Matamata beekeeper.

John Tyler lost 28 hives, and their 1.125 million industrious inhabitants, in the November 7 or 8 robbery from a Te Poi farm paddock, the Matamata Chronicle reported.

Each hive contained about 50,000 bees, weighed 25 kilograms and was worth about $7500.

The robbery of his winged workers, requiring at least two men and a truck, has left a bitter taste in Mr Tyler’s mouth.

The hives were not insured.

“(I’m) stunned, I suppose. I’m pretty upset,” he told the newspaper.

If you’re wondering, that’s a black market value of a nickel a bee.

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  1. The hives were not insured.

    That has to sting.

    Comment by James — 11/24/2009 @ 5:33 pm

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