Posted by Brad @ 8:41 pm on November 24th 2009

Chuztpah of the Day

I told you a few weeks ago of Senator Webb’s act to open a commission that will look at the criminal justice system and prison-industrial complex as a whole and report back to Congress their findings. I also reported that Chuck Grassley included an amendment to the bill which would expressly prohibit it from discussing anything having to do with drug policy.

Grassley has understandably caught some heat for this, and in an op-ed in the Des Moines Register today, explains his amendment…as an attempt on his part to create a debate on drug policy.

Listen to this.

Finally, I put forward an amendment to address the issue of decriminalization and legalization of any controlled substance. I filed this amendment in an effort to start a debate on this important issue. The members of the Judiciary Committee need to discuss the policy in the open. I continue to believe that decriminalization and legalization of dangerous drugs is not the right course. I’ve spoken to hundreds of Iowans who have had their families devastated by drugs. To simply allow this commission to be passed by the committee without addressing decriminalization or legalization will do nothing to tackle the issue and raise the stories of families impacted by drugs or the crime that occurs because of drug use. We need to make sure that whatever Congress decides, children and young people know that drugs are dangerous and that drug use is a serious issue.

Asking the tough questions may not always be popular, but it’s the right thing to do.

Hahaha. I almost have to take my hat off to him for the sheer balls that response takes.

Either balls, or a perception that your constituents are simpering knuckle-dragging morons.

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