Posted by Brad @ 3:08 pm on October 14th 2009

Michael Steele: Still Awesome

He’s become my favorite person in politics. And now, I’d like to introduce to you, our readers, my new favorite .gif.

Michael Steele news today:

First item is the new GOP website from whence my new favorite .gif comes. Wonkette has been hilarious today on the subject. In any case, the website doesn’t work, it’s “rising stars” section is empty, and Steele’s blog was called “What Up?”. Awesome.

Second item is this unfortunate metaphor, appended with Josh Marshall commentary:

In response to press reports saying that the health care reform train is leaving the station with President Obama at the wheel (or whatever you use to run a train), Michael Steele just told Fox to look out because he is “cow on the tracks.” In other words, in addition to his other shortcomings, Steele is apparently unschooled on the history of train/cow confrontations, though I’m not sure it’s a metaphor Democrats will necessarily want to dispute.


Later, in a new strike in his on-going war with his own dignity, Steele pleaded for a “Rodney King moment” on health care.

I vote for Michael Steele to be appointed to head F.E.M.A.

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  1. I saw the “I’m the cow on the tracks” comment, I don’t know what the hell he was thinking, perhaps he thinks a cow can stop a 5,000 ton train in its tracks (pun). Uh Michael, it takes miles to stop a train, one cow or million isn’t going to slow it down.

    Comment by Dingle — 10/14/2009 @ 8:32 pm

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