Posted by Brad @ 2:06 pm on September 26th 2009

Four Years After Kelo

So the city of New London, Connecticut, decided that the property of some private landowners would be more valuable to the city with someone else on it. So, they used eminent domain to take that land from them, the idea being to give it instead to developers who would create a cornucopia of office space, hotels, businesses, and other things more economically productive than people just, you know, living there.

The case went all the way to the Supreme Court, which sided 5-4 with New London. It’s selfish, the court argued, to think that your rights as a handful of land-owners are more important than all the jobs and money that could be created by the city. City’s, then, have an inherent right to redistribute property to best serve the needs of “the community”, the community in this case being a pharmaceutical company, Coast Guard museum, and a dozen or so developers with big ideas and nifty scale model mockups of strip malls and office parks. So, F you. Get off your lawn.

Four years later, let’s check back in with New London, proud owners of a 90-acre vacant and overgrown lot after all those development deals fell through and investment in the area dried up.

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  1. Pfizer makes it official. It is abandoning all plans for development in New London.

    Comment by Brad — 11/9/2009 @ 3:17 pm

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