Posted by Brad @ 2:10 pm on August 22nd 2009

Your Poll Number of the Day

Someone at Public Policy Polling has a sense of humor (PDF).

“Do you think the government should stay out of Medicare?”

Yes 39% — 62% of Republicans, 24% of Democrats, 31% of Independents
No 46%
Not Sure 15%

For the record, 44% of Republicans also report that they don’t believe Barack Obama was born in America, compared to 36% who do.


  1. Charitably, they might be reading it as “Should the government continue providing government-sponsored health care?” I mean, if you were opposed to government sponsored health care in general, how would you answer that question?

    Comment by Talarohk — 8/22/2009 @ 2:30 pm

  2. Oh, I know. That’s the funniest thing about it. It might be the most incomprehensible poll question I’ve ever seen. What’s even better is it was automated. I can’t imagine the amount of scrunched up faces that that caused, trying to decide on pressing 1 2 or 3 in response.

    Less charitably though, I suspect that at least a good portion of respondents were answering the question “should the government try to reform/tinker with Medicare?”

    During these townhall meetings where where Democratic congressmen are getting reamed by crazed old people talking about the emergence of national socialism in the public option debate, I keep having an overpowering urge to put myself in their shoes and say the following:

    “Okay, let’s take a step back for a second. Will all our veterans please raise your hands. *beat*. That’s great, give them a round of applause everybody. Okay, keep your hands in the air.

    Will all our seniors please raise your hands? Don’t be coy, we won’t be guessing your ages or anything, but anyone over 65 or thereabouts, please raise your hands. You know what, give them a hand too.

    Alright, all you people with your hands raised, keep them up. Now will people employed by the government, or people employed by people employed by the government, at any level, please raise your hands. *beat* I don’t know that they’ll get a round of applause, but that’s great anyway.

    Alright, now all you people with your hands up—seniors, government workers, veterans—please take a look around at all the people who don’t have their hands up. Your health care is being paid for by their earnings. In a very socialist way, the fruits of their labors is your medical care.

    Now all the people without your hands up, take a look at the people raising theirs. The seniors, the veterans, the civil servants. Now, tell all those people to get bent.

    You want to rail against public options and socialism and whatnot? Fair enough. Then do it to each other’s faces.”

    Comment by Brad — 8/22/2009 @ 3:31 pm

  3. I’d like to see the looks on some of these old, gray haired republican’s faces if they got what they’re demanding, Medicare ended, and they had to go try to purchase private insurance (I imagine getting through the real death panels at the insurance companies wouldn’t be an easy feat for seniors). Let them reap what they sow.

    Comment by Dingle — 8/22/2009 @ 5:09 pm

  4. That’s the great myth in all these health care debates (employed by both sides), and the single biggest thing that prevents any rational discussion. The big lie that the choice is rationing or not.

    Comment by Brad — 8/22/2009 @ 5:11 pm

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