Posted by Cameron @ 7:41 am on July 25th 2009

Posse Comitatus Anyone?

Stunning news today of a proposal championed by Cheney and other aids to use U.S. military forces in upstate New York to apprehend terrorist suspects in 2002. Apparently the subject was brought up at least once during a high level meeting before being shot down by Bush who used the FBI instead. Notably, Condoleezza Rice (then National Security Adviser) and Michael Chertoff (then head of the Justice Department’s criminal division) both opposed the recommendation. It’s moderately intriguing to note that both of these individuals gained additional power in the President’s second term as Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security.

A money quote:

Former officials said the 2002 debate arose partly from Justice Department concerns that there might not be enough evidence to arrest and successfully prosecute the suspects in Lackawanna. Mr. Cheney, the officials said, had argued that the administration would need a lower threshold of evidence to declare them enemy combatants and keep them in military custody.

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