Posted by Brad @ 12:12 pm on July 17th 2009

Music Video of the Week

This will further lose me indie music snob cred I’m sure, but I really like this song.

Robin Thicke is an unapologeticly pop R&B singer, the kind where about half his songs feature him singing a falsetto ballad while sitting on a bed containing a chick in panties and a tank top hugging him from behind. Fair enough—not really my thing, but whatever. However, he also has a pretty mean George Michael streak in him, which I can dig. This is his first hit (he got a shorter hair cut later for his ballad-on-the-bed phase), and the song, which just kept popping up in my Pandora, has really grown on me. Besides being funky and well sung, I think there’s a certain shamelessness to it that tickles me.

Robin Thicke – When I Get You Alone

And yes, he is Alan Thicke’s son.

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