Posted by Brad @ 4:57 pm on May 28th 2009

How the Mighty Have Fallen

PJ O’Rourke, writing for the Weekly Standard, argues that on the issue of torture, America is being turned into a banana republic.

By Democrats daring to suggest it be investigated.


  1. The leaders of the Democratic party yearn to be like Hugo Chávez or Manuel Noriega, and, frankly, they’ve got the looks for it.

    What do you think. Out of bounds?

    Comment by thimbles — 5/28/2009 @ 11:30 pm

  2. I like P.J. and always have. He has the gift of presenting the uncomfortable truth.

    Comment by James — 5/29/2009 @ 12:29 am

  3. He has, in the past, been a pretty great writer on conservative-libertarian issues.

    Since writing for the Weekly Standard, I’ve found his insight has become less ideological and more crotchety and partisan. And the column linked above is absolute garbage. One of the sheer dumbest and most vapid things I’ve read in many months, which was really disappointing because it was O’Rourke. Most Larry Kudlow columns have more insight.

    Even putting aside the torture debate entirely, James, what he’s saying is that attempting to prosecute public officials or even suggesting that the law matters or party members can be held to them—these are important people, after all!—is tantamount to being a banana republic.

    Do you agree with that?

    Comment by Brad — 5/29/2009 @ 12:38 pm

  4. Not entirely, no. But I agree with this:

    Do Democrats really have a conscience about torture? They’ve been loud enough with their protests when Nancy Pelosi is tortured in the press. But to judge by the nasty sneak of a lying, conniving, mendacious piece of powergrubbing vote trash that is the speaker of the House of Representatives, the Democrats are no more virtuous than the rest of us.

    That is why I don’t think anybody is going to get prosecuted. Not to mention the fact that I would bet my bottom dollar it is still going on with the full knowledge of the President and certain people in Congress.

    In my opinion the whole thing has become little more than a calculated distraction to keep people looking out the back window of the car while it is being driven off a cliff.

    Comment by James — 5/29/2009 @ 3:56 pm

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