Posted by Brad @ 5:23 pm on May 25th 2009

Weird Soda Review Review

She called me at my work after she had returned home, and told me that she and the rest of the staff had brought home some Weird Soda, and that they had sampled it.

“How was it?”, I asked.

Silence on the phone. I didn’t know you could hear someone shuddering with horror. You can.

“You should come home,” she said, “and try it.”

Images of Invasion of the Body Snatchers ran through my mind. Join us…join us

“The kids didn’t die,” she said.

It was then that I knew that this situation would call for my full capacities as the Quaffmaster. This was the real thing–a Weird Soda loose in the field! Less experienced tasters down, possibly injured. A cry for help. My calling.

The soda in question was Abali Original Flavor Yogurt Soda.

I had no idea that so many varieties of Weird Soda were bacterial-based. They are, apparently, not the pleasant varieties. Although Your Week In Soda-Based Lovecraftian Imagery comes from the much more palpable Dry Soda Company Vanilla Bean.

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