Posted by Brad @ 1:32 pm on May 22nd 2009

Quote of the Day: Mewling Babies Edition

Unlike Adam, I have very little respect for the political power of the “releasing Gitmo detainees into American communities!” argument. I have even LESS respect for the “releasing Gitmo detainees into American prisons” argument, which seems to operate under the assumption that these guys are all test subjects of Al Queda super soldier serum that No Walls Can Hold. It is an argument contrary to common sense and easily refuted and, if anything, easily turned into an argument that projects strength and common sense (i.e. “you guys are sniveling babies turning the War on Terror into a ridiculous farce by play acting everything and not being serious about national security”). If Democrats are ready to cave on something this dumb and paper tigered, there’s no hope for them on anything. They have the White House behind them, common sense, all the actors and experts in both national security and American criminal justice, and even if they did cave, they can’t cave indefinitely…it’s not like this won’t again be an issue next year, and the year after, and the year after, and thus, by caving, you’re essentially surrendering a Republican talking point that will come up again and again and again.

So, of course, they cave.

Dan Froomkin says it best:

Here’s one thing that hasn’t changed in the Obama era: Republicans are still able to come up with scare tactics that turn Senate Democrats into a terrified and incoherent bunch of mewling babies.

It’s hard to imagine anything more ridiculous than the suggestion that bringing some of the terror suspects currently incarcerated in Guantanamo to high-security prisons in America will pose a threat to local communities.

It is nothing more than a bogeyman argument, easily refuted with a little common sense. (Isn’t that what prisons are for?) But that’s assuming you don’t spend your every moment living in fear of Republican attack ads questioning your devotion to the security of the country. Or that you have a modicum of respect for the intelligence of the American public.

Ah well. Old habits die hard, I guess. And Senate Democrats apparently remain an easily frightened bunch, after eight years of faint-hearted submission.

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