Posted by Adam @ 9:19 am on April 16th 2009

More acoustic living-room cover goodness

I like acoustic covers performed in living rooms (or, occasionally, bathtubs). In fact, I like that more than professionally produced music (which is in part why the potential demise of the record companies doesn’t bother me, not because I think that they’re evil — they’re not — but because what they provide, which includes very high studio production values and marketing and the ability for musicians to earn, if they break big, huge amounts of money, doesn’t much excite me).

So, here’s Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’ performed by a balding Canadian guy, on his guitar with non-standard tuning and to his own arrangement, in his living room. He’s very good.


  1. Nice. Very chill.

    Here’s one (another chill one) I found a few weeks ago and liked. Two Jews doing Sam Cooke in a hotel room. In black and white!

    Keaton Simons and Terra Naomi – Bring it On Home

    Comment by Brad — 4/16/2009 @ 5:11 pm

  2. Alternatively, you could watch the version from Swedish Idol. Which is surprisingly not as bad as you would think.

    Comment by Brad — 4/16/2009 @ 5:19 pm

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