Posted by Rojas @ 8:09 pm on April 11th 2009

How we shouldn’t sound

Two good friends of this blog, Red State Eclectic and Lew, have posted this video today:

I find it difficult to express how saddened I am when smart, principled people allow themselves to be baited into making really bad arguments. Hell, usually I’m that person. But I’ve never gotten to the point of presenting anecdotal examples of administration proposals for national service in order to assert the imminence of a new Hitler Youth. Nor do references to “citizens of Israel” and images of scary black kids in camo help us.

I like being an advocate of constitutionally restricted government power. I do my best to make a persuasive case against the expansion of federal authority. I respect and admire the enthusiasm of my compatriots in the cause. I would like to see us all do the best we can to present our case effectively to the many Americans who are not yet convinced, but who can be.

This sort of thing isn’t helping. We can do (and have done) a lot better.


  1. Brad 50: Duly noted.

    Comment by Laura — 4/14/2009 @ 9:34 am

  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I find the phenomenon of “right”eous outrage fascinating.

    I mean for 8 long years it was Clinton this, China that, murder murder how many must the Clintons murder, FISA is unaccountable, SATANized communist medicine, blow jobs are the end of the republic, etc etc etc… Eight long years of paranoiac outrage.
    Then for eight long years it was, don’t you dare question the government or the generals who speak for them in uniform, everything must be secret including the people we secretly wiretap/torture/and murder, actual government propaganda as news is not news, war war war, the justice department should carry out political persecutions, etc etc etc… To this day, not a lot of real outrage about the conduct of that era. Disgust, yes. Outrage? It’s been muted, marginalized, decentralized, characterized as the whinings of anti-american hippies.
    2 months into the new democratic presidency? We’re
    back to raving paranoia and anxiety about government expansion.
    Never mind that it’s possible that government expansion is required to clean up the sewage left behind by that last “Churchillian” president no one but hippies complained about until he let a city drown in shit.
    No, the unreasoned outrage machine picked up right where it left off 8 years ago when Clinton was Hitler. Funny thing about that well polished outrage machine, it was paid for by rich assholes
    who employ people to lie and hyperbolize all the time. Dittoheads pick up on those lies and make them their own. The mainstream picks up on the lies, which have suddenly become news because of the dittohead protests, and reports them as news.

    Aren’t people getting sick of outrage machines?

    Comment by thimbles — 4/14/2009 @ 11:34 am

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