Posted by Brad @ 9:34 pm on March 31st 2009

NY-20 – Quote of the Day

Polls are closed. We should know in a few hours.

Meanwhile, good catch from Dailykos. I give you, Quote of the (Two) Day.

Here is John Boehner a month ago at CPAC:

“We need to compete everywhere. And when I say compete everywhere, New York 20 is probably the best example. This is where Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the Senate. It’s an open race. Jim Tedisco is the minority leader in the New York assembly. He is our candidate.

“This election is on March 31st, and it is a giant opportunity for us to let America know that America is on our side.”

Here is John Boehner today:

In a Tuesday morning news conference, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said the outcome of the election shouldn’t be seen as a referendum on the GOP leadership in Congress.

“It’s between those two candidates in New York,” Boehner explained to reporters.

Tedisco, meanwhile, is already preparing to go all Norm Coleman on Murphy’s ass.

Results in a few. For the record, though it may seem I’m rooting for Murphy, I’m really not. I’m not entirely sure who I would have voted for myself and, all else being equal, presuming the Republican passed a few basic smell tests (and Tedisco does), I would probably be more inclined to go his way (though the impulse to not want Republicans going all insufferable about it would be strong). Mostly though my interest in this race was spurred through the Michael Steele thing, and also on the referendum nature of it (which, despite Boehner changing his tune, is pretty live here). Actually, to be perfectly honest, I just kind of geek out about elections.

Results being updated very quickly at The Albany Project


  1. 50-50 with 415 of 610 districts reporting. Murphy leads by about 1,000.

    Comment by Brad — 3/31/2009 @ 9:48 pm

  2. Still 50-50 with 496 reporting, now Tedisco holds the 1000 vote lead.

    Comment by Brad — 3/31/2009 @ 9:58 pm

  3. 607 of 610 in now, and Murphy regains the lead by 250 votes.

    I guess there are still absentee ballots, so this thing probably won’t be decided tonight.

    Comment by Brad — 3/31/2009 @ 10:21 pm

  4. Don’t worry, Brad. Your communist will win.

    Comment by James — 4/1/2009 @ 12:09 am

  5. Heh, all districts reporting, Murphy ends with a 65 vote lead.

    Let the litigation commence!

    Comment by Brad — 4/1/2009 @ 8:48 am

  6. Actually, even more mundane than that.

    With just 65 votes separating Democrat Scott Murphy and Republican Jim Tedisco in the House race in New York’s 20th Congressional District, the race is going to come down to uncounted absentee ballots (and perhaps a recount).

    There are about 5900 absentee ballots outstanding in the race. With such a small margin on election day for Murphy, the Democrat, those 5900-or-so ballots almost certainly will decide the race.

    Domestic absentee ballots have to be postmarked by today and received by April 7 in order to be counted, while overseas ballots (which are largely, but not exclusively military) will have until April 13 to be received.

    Naturally, both candidates will assert that they’ll have the edge among absentee ballots. No one’s going to concede until every ballot is counted – and in all likelihood the election will be close enough that someone will ask for a recount.

    Comment by Brad — 4/1/2009 @ 8:51 am

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