Posted by Brad @ 8:42 pm on March 31st 2009

A Bad Law, or an Obnoxious Gaming of the System?

Or both.

Sarah Palin news: she had to fill a state senate vacancy this week. By law, she had to appoint a Democrat from Juneau (to fill in for the resigning Democrat from Juneau).

So, a legislative aid who was registered Republican switched his registration last week to qualify for the appointment. And lo and behold…

I guess the guy’s got a pretty good story behind it, but still. Apparently, his competition was a Democrat from Juneau who also happens to be the House minority leader.

I’ve pretty much decided over the last few years that Governor’s filling seats of any kind is just a plumb stupid idea. Special elections for all. And when I pass that constitutional amendment, remind me to add: “…especially for Alaska”.

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  1. And Illinois.

    Comment by James — 4/1/2009 @ 12:49 pm

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