Posted by Brad @ 4:29 pm on March 25th 2009

Right Wing Sites

So, now that I’m tacking back to the right now that the fugue of the Bush years is starting to dissipate, I’m realizing something. One: pretty much the vast, vast, vast majority of right wing outlets became absolutely unreadable during the Bush years, and most haven’t really recovered. And two: given that I was more interested in the opposition, combined with the dreadfulness and total intellectual vapidity of what passed for conservatism during the Bush years, my online reading habits weened pretty far towards the progressive end of the spectrum.

Point being, I just don’t read many sites that I could describe as right-of-center any more. There’s the ones on the blogroll, and that’s pretty much it (and some of those—The Corner for instance—have sunk so far I don’t really expect them to ever become very good again). I haven’t done a blanket solicitation in awhile, so tell me: are you finding any good right-of-center stuff out there that you want to hip me too? Any old standbys that you’re returning to? New voices? I need to replenish my bookmarks.


  1. I rather like, but, then again, I have never been quite as tacky as you are.

    Comment by James — 3/25/2009 @ 6:13 pm

  2. Cato @ Liberty

    Will Wilkinson

    Steve Chapman

    Comment by Rojas — 3/25/2009 @ 8:48 pm

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