Posted by Brad @ 5:46 pm on March 24th 2009

Glenn Beck Has Gone Insane

I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

And I mean it seriously. He’s a recovered alcoholic who’s had some mental problems in the past. I get it. Good for him. And, off and on, I’ve liked him. Nor do I disagree that some of the kernels of his “message” are laudable. I think this kind of thing isn’t bad at all.

But seriously. Watch this and tell me, on a raw level, you’re not watching somebody who has seriously, on a very personal level, become unglued, and really, really needs to be treated for “exhaustion”, like, now.

It’s unclear to me that people take him seriously (despite his assurances of massive throngs of people taking to the streets under his banner), or I might be more worried. And like I said, I’m about as sympathetic to the whole survivalist conspiracy-minded individualistic right-wing crowd as you can get without actually being a part of it.

But man. That guy really needs to take a deep breath and a month or two spent hiking or something. And Fox needs to really take him off the air; he’s a …well, I won’t get specific, but let’s say he’s a Potentially Dark Situation in the making. It’s sad enough when people get increasingly paranoid, hypersensitive, melodramatic, militant, and cut off from reality when it happens in, say, an isolated trailer somewhere. It’s another thing entirely when they’re doing it live on their own cable television program.


  1. Or, as Peter Mulvey puts it:

    “Some people go to the synagogue,
    some people go to the woods,
    some people go to a shrink
    and they think everybody should.
    Some people go crazy, in plain sight,
    on the streets of the neighborhood.
    I go ‘mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm.'”

    Comment by Brad — 3/24/2009 @ 6:05 pm

  2. I am reminded less of a crazy person than of a television evangelist.

    There’s something to be said, when others are treating television as a “cool” medium, for going in the other direction. That way, you get that part of the audience that everyone else talking politics is missing.

    My assumption is that Rupert Murdoch would not have the man on the air if he weren’t drawing ratings. My assumption, then, is that Beck is no more unhinged than the average TV bathos-monger (though various examples would suggest that several of those are, in fact, somewhat unhinged by normal standards).

    And if Beck DOES die, it won’t be a problem for Fox News; it’ll just be fodder for the conspiracy theorist who they prop up in his place. “Did the Obama administration kill Beloved Martyr Glen Beck? Film at 11.”

    Comment by Rojas — 3/24/2009 @ 6:27 pm

  3. As for Mr. Beck’s mosaic with the Constitutional text…hmmm…where have I seen that before?

    Ah, yes.

    Comment by Rojas — 3/24/2009 @ 6:32 pm

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