Posted by Brad @ 11:20 pm on March 13th 2009

Music Video of the Weekend

Because it’s the weekend.

Kutiman — Mother of All Funk Cords

You really ought to click through to his videos on YouTube though. In his “more info” for each posted song, he gives the links to the youtube source material for each part. You don’t quite realize the power of what he’s doing until you start poking around. I mean, the bass player chatting up the singer in her source video comment section after they end up playing together in I’m New.

What was my point? Oh yeah, good s*$t.

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  1. Actually, I’m New is so good, I have to play it now.

    Kutiman – I’m New

    There are some kinds of genius that are totally out of left field, like “who the hell would ever think of something like that?”. Then there are the kinds that, once you see it, you can’t believe that nobody had ever done it before, it seems so friggin obvious. Kutiman is the latter, and I mean that in a good way.

    Comment by Brad — 3/14/2009 @ 12:17 am

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