Posted by Brad @ 3:27 pm on January 30th 2009

Michael Steele at RNC

Turns out the Chip Saltsman / Katon Dawson racial controversies have moved RNC voters towards Steele, though he may well have won anyway. Sitting chair Duncan just dropped out, and though voting hasn’t finished, Steele should lock it up here in a few minutes.

I like Steele, but he hasn’t really offered to bring much of anything new to the job. He’s black, is a big part of it, and he does indeed seem to understand that the Republican party needs to reach beyond Southern white protestants, but beyond that, I’m not sure that he has anything groundbreaking in mind to broaden the Republican coalition or its organization game. But maybe that’s not up to the RNC Chairman anyway, who just has to glad-hand and raise money more than anything.

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