Posted by Adam @ 12:12 pm on December 24th 2008

On the cusp

CNN’s website is a treasure-trove of vacuous bilge, but this nonsense is outstanding. Written by Marian Salzman, the woman that CNN unironically lauds as having the keen eye and steady nerve to popularise the term “metrosexual”, it proudly features a groaning smorgasbord of moronic simplifications, stupid descriptions (‘cuspers’? I mean, really? Bandwagons are stupid enough as it is, and this one has “I’m a cretin” written on the side of it in large flashing letters) and pop-sociology, all held together with a thin glue make from pure, unadulterated claptrap.

It’s hard to pick a favourite part, so here’s three:

Firstly, moronic simplification:

Who’s to blame for the economy going into serious decline?

The short and easy answer is greedy boomers. This is the generation that knew better than their cautious, fuddy-duddy parents, the generation that protested, that had ideals and marched to the beat of defiant music: “Street Fighting Man,” “We Want the World and We Want It Now,” “Hope I Die Before I Get Old.”

Some crap about cuspers I can’t bear to re-read in case my eyes begin to bleed in sympathy with my brain, capped off with some rambling garbage about ‘change’, months after even the most unintelligent media commentators had given up on its hackneyed explanatory power:

Cuspers, the age cohort that have been living in the shadow of the boomers, now have even more reasons to stake out their own separate identity and values.

It’s taken a long time for this rising demographic to be recognized as a distinct generation in its own right. They’ve been called “late boomers” because they missed the formative boomer experiences of the ’60s, such as civil rights and anti-war protests.

They’ve been called tweeners or cuspers because they straddle the divide between Boomers and Gen X. American social commentator Jonathan Pontell has worked hard to establish their identity as Generation Jones.

There’s still debate about whether cuspers are even a generation apart from boomers and where the generational boundaries lie. But those arguments miss the key point, which is that Americans want change.

Finally, she saves the best for last, oh yes:

The cusper generation is as much an ideal as it is a demographic group, and that appeal extends well beyond the birth years that define it. Watch out for tweets (messages on the Twitter platform) that proclaim “Ich bin ein cusper.”

“Ich bin ein cusper”, yes, she wrote that. This may be aside from the main point, but I am gratified to see that she’s incorporated twitter, possibly the stupidest and most annoying thing currently related to the internet, into this thrilling conclusion to her piece.

This may be the worst article I’ve read all year, although to be fair I have been mostly avoiding Lou Dobbs and Larry Kudlow.

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  1. You’re just jealous because you wish you were a “cusper” too.

    Comment by James — 12/24/2008 @ 1:44 pm

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