Posted by Liz @ 7:12 pm on November 26th 2008

Finding the limit

Conor Friedersdorf from The Confabulum points out a remarkable article in the Washington Post about a Pro-Choice medical student trying to determine whether or not to become an abortion doctor. It’s rather graphic in parts, but a worthwhile read. I found the conversations the woman has with Pro-Life doctors and other med students to be particularly noteworthy.

Abortion was a tough issue on both sides, Litty said, because it sometimes seemed they were arguing about two different things. Lesley and the Medical Students for Choice argued from the point of view of “a woman’s body, a woman’s choice,” she said. “We argue from the side of respect for life. For me and so many, there is no ‘choice.’ I think the decisions made leading up to conception were the ‘choice.’ “

Abortion is one of those passion-inducing issues where there exists the tendency to stereotype or vilify the opposite side. I like the consideration in this article, the matter-of-fact conversation, and I especially like the quote above because it encapsulates a lot of the difficult nature of the abortion debate – there are two different arguments occurring, neither of which quite allow for middle ground.

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