Posted by Brad @ 3:33 pm on November 25th 2008

Meanwhile, Across The Pond…

Iain Murray passes along the news from London (which you would already know if you browsed our blogroll regularly). Namely, Gordon Brown passed on his pre-budget report, to a very hostile reception.

The Taxpayer’s Alliance notes that Brown’s borrowing will double the debt from what it was for the Great War. Dizzy has been all over it, noting the squeeze it will put on the middle class (people will, roughly, be losing an extra thousand pounds a year), the trouble it will put Labour in in holding on to marginal seats (as if they needed more trouble), the public hates it, and oh yeah, alcohol duties will rise by 8%, which is sure to help Labour keep its tenuous hold on power in Merry Ole England.

In related news, the Political Studies Association has named Boris Johnson—a drinking man’s politician if ever there was one—the Politician of the Year, adding to identical awards from GQ and the Spectator.

Maybe I can coax Dizzy into writing us another Letter from London.

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