Posted by Brad @ 8:09 pm on November 24th 2008

The Foreign Policy Team

It looks to be shaping up like this:

Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Defense: Robert Gates

Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano

National Security Advisor: Gen. Jim Jones, a retired 4-star Marine Corps general who actually supported John McCain but is considered pragmatic and very well-qualified.

Director of National Intelligence: Retired Adm. Dennis Blair who’s worked with the CIA and is well versed in clandestine military operations.

And let us not forget Joe Biden will also be hanging around.

That’s, if anything, a fairly center-right team as far as foreign policy is concerned, of the sort we might have seen, roughly, with George H.W. Bush. I think the closest thing to a neocon there might actually be Hillary. And, ironically, she’d be the closest thing to a far left pacificist too. In any event, as Donklephant notes, seems like a hard turn away from ideological-based foreign policy and towards a pragmatic, hard-nosed real-world one. I still have plenty of qualms about how Hillary Clinton operates on the inside, but not too many at all with the general shape of the team.

Now we’ll have to see how, and if, they work in action.

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  1. Ideologically-based foreign policy is good. It’s just important to have the right ideology.
    ‘…pragmatic, hard-nosed real-world’ foreign policy is, in my opinion, awful. That’s the sort of policy where you raise up some dictators and arm them one day and then impose sanctions on them the next. Without ideology guiding your actions, policy becomes incoherent.
    I’d say most of politics is defined by pragmatism, which is why politics is such a horrible, vile mess.

    Comment by Redland Jack — 11/25/2008 @ 3:40 am

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