Posted by Rojas @ 11:34 pm on November 4th 2008

Paulites: Attack Now

The wreckage is still smouldering, and the Republican party awaits a new vision. There is a massive power vacuum that will be filled in fairly short order.

If we’ve learned anything at all about how to sell our message, now is the time to do it.


  1. Good fucking call.

    Comment by Brad — 11/4/2008 @ 11:42 pm

  2. Ron Paul for head of the RNC ’09.

    Comment by Cameron — 11/4/2008 @ 11:44 pm

  3. Yes, this. The theocon part of the party really needs to sit in timeout for a good long while.

    Comment by tessellated — 11/4/2008 @ 11:46 pm

  4. We’ll see how Barr fares, but if it pans out like it’s looking, small government conservatives might want to bolt the LP and buy them some GOP stock while the prices are bottomed out.

    Comment by Brad — 11/4/2008 @ 11:49 pm

  5. You KNOW, don’t you, that the theocons are going to play this as a result of INSUFFICIENT DEDICATION to their principles?

    If it’s not Paul, it might well be Huckabee.

    We don’t win this without a massive fight. ORGANIZE. Starting TOMORROW.

    Comment by Rojas — 11/4/2008 @ 11:49 pm

  6. Yes, Rojas, that’s exactly how it’s going to play at least in some quarters. Look no further than what K-Lo is posting tonight.

    Comment by tessellated — 11/4/2008 @ 11:51 pm

  7. Frankly, I think the theocons are as lost in the dark as anybody.

    “It’s the economy, stupid” is going to be the #1 argument for serious Republican partisans wanting to make themselves feel better tomorrow.

    Comment by Brad — 11/4/2008 @ 11:51 pm

  8. My dislike for the theocons is enough that I could see myself lending support to a movement like you suggest. I’m also well into a glass of scotch.

    Comment by tessellated — 11/4/2008 @ 11:52 pm

  9. If the Republican Party turns to the likes of Kathryn Jean Lopez for guidance, then the Republican Party will get what it deserves.


    Comment by Rojas — 11/4/2008 @ 11:55 pm

  10. Well, no reason you guys can’t attempt to fill that power vacuum right here on this blog. It’s not like you have anything to lose, and it’s certainly not like you could do any worse.

    Besides, what the hell else are you going to do now that the election is over?

    Comment by tessellated — 11/5/2008 @ 12:00 am

  11. No. No more internal conversations on the net. The time for that is well past.

    If we can’t make a difference–a real-world difference–at this time, we will never be able to.

    Comment by Rojas — 11/5/2008 @ 12:01 am

  12. Best get on it kids, if you can’t make progress by 2010, it’s gonna hurt more.

    Comment by Mortexai — 11/5/2008 @ 12:10 am

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