Posted by Brad @ 2:50 pm on October 31st 2008

The Ground Game

Sean Quinn of has managed the impressive feat of, with photographer in tow visiting 50 field offices in 11 battleground states for both campaigns.

If you aren’t a regular reader there, you might have missed the progression. They wanted to chronicle the two campaigns locking horns on the ground-game levels, found but were not surprised by the disparity between the two, but then growingly disconcerted as they began to ask themselves “hey, just where are the McCain people anyway?” If they would find a McCain field office open on a weekday, it was a small victory. If they found one with more than two or three volunteers in it, it was a mild miracle. It began very quickly to seem to them that state coordinators for the McCain campaign were just drawing paychecks, versus the Obama campaign, where they couldn’t get in the door most of the time.

Worth a read.

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