Posted by James @ 9:24 pm on October 30th 2008

Murtha’s money problems.

Seems Meatsack Murtha is pleading for dough to compete for his seat in the brothel.

“We need to raise another $1 million to compete,” his campaign fundraiser Susan O’Neill wrote in the e-mail obtained by The Hill. “We need money immediately.”


In a separate snail-mailing that the the Murtha campaign hoped would reach the older and more backward constituents of his district that are too dumb to run a computer, they tried to play down some of Murtha’s recent comments that have ridiculed many of those he represents.

“Senator Murtha regrets that he has offended any of the inbred country bumkins he strives so hard to bring home the pork for. Unfortunately his statements were taken out of context and have been twisted by his opponent to make the Senator appear aloof and out of touch with the bitter, gun-toting, religious hillbilly wingnuts that he cares so much about. Senator Murtha is asking that, although most of you probably live in tar paper shacks and can’t afford shoes for your illiterate kids, that you collect a few extra cans and bottles along the side of the road when you are raising your beer money, and send what you can his way.”


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