Posted by Jack @ 8:15 pm on October 27th 2008

In my mail today: Idiocy (or, a report from Florida)

Focused so heavily as I’ve been on The Race and to a lesser extent on the proposed Florida Amendments, including our own bigot amendment, I have been remiss in keeping up with the local House contests. Or rather, I have ignored them completely, and know nothing of the local candidates, save for having been subjected to a rather tiresome, predictable, and utterly uninspiring speech from one of the Diaz-Balart brothers at a military event some time ago. So 100% of my impression of the Florida District 18 candidates is based upon one flyer, received today, from the campaign of Annette Taddeo, challenging the Republican incumbent Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Taddeo’s flyer displays such campaign ineptitude, economic ignorance, and apparent contempt for the intelligence of the electorate, that I feel obligated to vote for her opponent.

Highlights from the document:

It’s time for Independent Energy and independent Leadership in Congress Annette Taddeo will go to Washington to bring real results back to Florida

Ok bad start: Pandering, empty, predictable phrases, and focused on the energy independence myth. But I do expect that from politicians, and will ignore it as long as there is something more…

She summarizes all that is Ros-Lehtinen, “BIG OIL’S BEST FRIEND IN WASHINGTON” with three bullet points indicating that she has received $69K from big oil, and implying, though not stating our right, that she voted “wrong” on two bills: HR 1251 “Price Gouging at the pumps” and HR 3221 “Dependence on foreign oil”. If forced, based on just the titles, I would vote against these bills; they sound exactly like the sort of political pandering, feel good-do nothing legislation that might actually worsen the situation.

Taddeo then trumpets her comprehensive platform in three points, starting with… gas prices.

Protecting Floridians at the Pump
Annette will lower gas prices and end price gouging practices of Big Oil. It is absurd for oil companies to receive billions of dollars in taxpayer giveaways while hard working people in the Keys and Miami are paying more than $4 a gallon for gas

Disregard for the moment the lack of understanding she displays as to the fungible nature of oil and the rather standard profit margin present in the oil industry, ignore that no where has she proposed reducing or eliminating taxes on gas, wave away your rising objection that it is ludicrous to pin all this on the Big Oil boogeyman: It is the timing as a tactic that strikes me us ridiculous. Gas prices have been dropping for months, I routinely pass Miami stations at $2.79 or lower. Even at its peak, I can only recall one station that topped $4 for standard unleaded, and that one is in the highest rent district in Miami Beach. I’m sure there were others, but far from the majority. Given that gas has dropped so dramatically, and is now not nearly as much of an issue for Floridians, don’t you think that you might get flyers printed up with some other pandering nonsense? Maybe something on the voters minds right now? Maybe something about the financial crisis? Anything? But no, flyers that might have swayed the ignorant and uninformed three months ago are shot gunned out one week before the election while Taddeo is down at least 8 points in the polls. Good luck with that.

Point Two: Energy independence mythologizing:

Investing in Alternative Energy
Annette believes that America’s security depends on independence from foreign oil. Instead of relying on unstable countries for oil, it is time to invest in alternative energy and maximize the clean energy we produce here at home.

I can’t stand it. I can only wonder if she and all the other political animals that spout this nonsense really believes that we can legislate away our overwhelming dependence on foreign oil, or if they are aware of the impossibility, but happy to spew this populist rhetoric. I would love for us to have some alternative energy options, and as soon as they are competitive, they will blossom. That time has not yet come. Perhaps you can marginally accelerate it with tax payer funded R&D, but we all know that Annetter is not talking about just research here, we are talking about long term ethanol-style subsidies.

Getting the Economy Back on Track
By pushing for alternative energy sources, Annette’s plan will bring new high-[paying jobs to South Florida, help protect the environment, and improve our way of life in Florida.

In point one she condemned the taxpayer funded corporate welfare for Big Oil, but is now happy to provide a massive welfare program for Big ? So long as it brings “high-paying jobs to South Florida”? At least she hasn’t suggested that she opposes ear marks, that would be a bridge (to hypocrisy) too far.


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