Posted by Brad @ 7:34 pm on October 8th 2008

New Things Coming to The Crossed Pond

As a site announcement, two things to foreshadow a bit.

The first is, as we did for the primaries, we’re going to write endorsements this election season. I’ve even created a new post category to catalogue them right over there —>

So you can sift through the old ones.

Unlike my one-off VP ones, or the group-exercise of our primary endorsements, this time we settled on doing it individually. “Officially”, that’ll be me, Rojas, and Adam, each writing a case for our candidate of choice (though of course the other bloggers may well jump in and post their own if’n they like). It’s a way of both focusing our own arguments, archiving what-we-thought-when, and maybe helping readers clarify their own thinking, either in agreement or contrast or whatever. Mostly, I dislike when blogs comment incessantly on politics, clearly have their favorites and preferences, but refuse to put that on the table. I’m not sure our endorsements will be any great surprise, but it will be a bit more thoughtful than the comment back-and-forths. We’re shooting to post all three on Tuesday, October 21st. “Get Off The Fence and Say What You Mean Day” here at The Pond.

The second thing is the problem all political blogs face coming off a big election…where do we go from here? From pretty early on we decided we weren’t just interested in hearing each other talk, but were interested in keeping a lively roster of other voices, mostly people we enjoy reading ourselves. We’re also hoping, coming off the electoral hangover, to push ourselves a bit more, and we hope to come back more to part of our site’s purpose, crossing ponds, pushing boundaries, jumping borders. As such, we’ll be welcoming a few new faces to our authors’ list come the second week in November, new blood, which we think will prove to be a diverse set of voices and perspectives and issues to add to the conversation.

And we might also finally get around to a few functional changes.

So, keep coming back. Tell your friends. More in store.


  1. Exciting news.

    Comment by K_Wright — 10/8/2008 @ 9:20 pm

  2. I bet it’s thimbles and weltschmertz!

    Comment by fred — 10/9/2008 @ 6:45 am

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