Posted by Brad @ 1:08 pm on September 12th 2008

The Dumbest Political Controversy of the Month

First month’s winner was Michelle Malkin for her declaration of Meghan McCain’s support of terrorism through choice of scarfage. Last month’s winner was Patrick Ruffini for his “how dare the Obama campaign engage the German language whilst in Germany” crusade.

Now, although it’s a little early to say and so far this has been a banner month for dumb f*#@ing political controversies (see below; no, seriously, most any post below), I think we might be cycling back to Malkin.

John McCain and Barack Obama put aside the campaign yesterday and visited Ground Zero together. It was a nice gesture on their parts, and appropriately solemn and respectful. A brief moment that wasn’t a ridiculous “us vs. them, red vs. blue” game of one-upmanship or a ridiculously partisan attempt at ownership of a profound human tragedy.

Cue screeching hyena

Itís a small gesture, but gestures matter at the hallowed grave site of so many murdered innocent Americans.

Barack Obama flings a memorial rose at Ground Zero like heís a kid tossing pennies into a fountain at the shopping mall ó or a spectator tossing flowers at a bullfight.

He doesnít know what heís doing.

(Clueless NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg copies him.)

By contrast, John McCain and his wife kneel and gently, somberly, place their roses down at the foot of the 9/11 tribute.

Tons of you e-mailed me about this. Hereís the vid for the rest of you who didnít see it. Itís a telling cultural and generational distinction between these two men vying to be commander-in-chief of our nation

I dare you to venture into the comments section.


  1. It was a nice moment yesterday from both camps. Malkin’s a deeply odd woman, or at least her public persona is of one.

    Comment by Adam — 9/12/2008 @ 1:53 pm

  2. See, that’s what gets me about Malkin. Unlike, say, Ann Coulter, Malkin doesn’t strike me as deeply cynical and playing a clown.

    Comment by Brad — 9/12/2008 @ 2:00 pm

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